Frequently Asked Questions-True North Driving School Prince George

  • How do I register for courses?

You can purchase many of our courses directly from this website. We will contact you after the purchase to complete your registration. You may register by phone by calling us at 778-983-0167 during business hours. You may also email us at and we will contact you.

  • Can I take my Road Test in your car?

Yes. We offer a Road Test Package that includes a pre-test (max 45 min) warm-up session with the coach, as well as the use of the driving school vehicle for your test. Road Test packages can also be purchased online.

  • Can I take driving lessons in my own car?

An ICBC-Approved driving school may only deliver lessons in a vehicle that is registered with ICBC and that meets their requirements – one of which is dual pedal controls. For this reason, we are not able to have a coach ride with you in your own car to conduct lessons. There is an increased level of safety provided by an approved True North driving school  vehicle – instructor control of braking, extra mirrors to allow the coach to thoroughly observe conditions and graphics that clearly identify the car as a training vehicle.

  • Do you have any manual transmission vehicles?

Due to the lack of demand, we regret that we no longer offer training in manual transmission vehicles

  • Can I add extra lessons?

Yes! You can add extra lessons to an existing lesson plan whenever necessary. You can either purchase a single lesson on the website, or call our office to purchase.

  • How long are the lessons?

In-car lessons are 60 minutes each. Road Test Packages are two hours long. 

We also have 90 minutes lessons as per customer needs.

  • Do i need to book my own road test?

We kindly request that you allow us to schedule your road test on your behalf. However, if you prefer to make the arrangements yourself, you are welcome to do so.

  • Do you work on Weekneds?

Yes, we work on weekends.