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True North driving school prince george

Driving lessons package for Seniors in Prince George

Driving lessons package for Seniors in Prince George

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As age advances, navigating the roads can present new challenges. That's precisely why True North Driving School extends its expertise with specialized driving lessons tailored specifically for seniors in British Columbia. Our seasoned instructors empathize with the distinct requirements and apprehensions of mature drivers, committed to collaboratively enhancing your driving abilities and confidence on the open road.

With our focused 6x60-minute sessions, seniors embark on a journey to regain their sense of security and ease while driving. Through immersive, hands-on training in our dual-controlled vehicles, we guarantee a renewed grasp of road regulations and adeptness in handling diverse driving scenarios. Join us at True North Driving School, where we pave the way for safer, more assured journeys behind the wheel.

Note:This package is deisgned for seniors who are planning to take their Enhanced Road Assessment for their class 5 or class 7 license.

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